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Send Your Marketing Numbers to an Analyst

Analysing numbers and sales data is an important part of your business.

But if crunching numbers was your true love, you would have listened to your mother and been an accountant.

Now if you'd rather not labor over those spreadsheets, I can help you.

I'm David Kronheim, a.k.a. The Number Tamer, and I can relieve you of the burden of calculating and analyzing those numbers.

My service provides secondary marketing research, from organizing data, to writing a complete report and analysis.   I've worked for major advertisers such as Wendy's, Wal-Mart, Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Champs Sports, and Cadillac.

Every year, I compile and write the most comprehensive reports of Major League and Minor League Baseball attendance.   These reports are regularly used by leagues, teams, and media.   You can download them, for free, from the 'Major League Baseball' and 'Minor League Baseball' pages of this site.

I combine marketing and analytical talent with creative writing skills.   So my reports are easy to understand, and devoid of research jargon.   My service is fast, friendly, with very reasonable rates.

So let me help you with those analytical tasks.   This will give you more time for the parts of your job that you really enjoy, like responding to e-mails and attending meetings.

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